Saturday, 3 September 2011

Coniston Bakery, steak and onion pie, vintage 2011

This pie starts with a most rich and tempting aroma of gravy and onion.
Its appearance is good, the colour graded by time in the oven.
The texture is quite luscious. One is struck immediately by the crispness of the flaky pastry. There is a good robust meaty body and a short crust finish which is the mark of a true vintage pie, and highly reminiscent of the old Lithgow Pie Shop.
This pie has a warm blend of flavours which is not too subtle.  It begins with the onion which strikes the palate quite sharply and sets off the rich mellowness of the ground steak which follows. There is a decided bouquet garni and a certain pepperiness about it which is very pleasant and reminds of the old Cameron’s Bakery at Penrith.  The quality of beefiness is excellent and lingers on the tongue after the pie is finished. This pie could be eaten on its own but would also be the perfect accompaniment to a plate of mashed potato and peas dressed with tomato sauce or perhaps a fresh leafy salad.

(C) Tamsyn Taylor 2011

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